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Very Unique Wedding Favor Idea - MUST SEE

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cheap Wedding Favors

After the wedding reception, the couple gives away wedding favors. Wedding favors are given to the guests as symbols of appreciation. One does not need to have a big budget to give away great wedding favors to make the guests feel appreciated. Since a simple “thank you” can also make them feel appreciated. But it is always better to give a wedding favor rather than say a simple thank you.

Wedding favors are very special since they remind everyone of the beautiful wedding. Secondly, there are some wedding favors like candleholders, which do not belong inside the cabinet but can actually be used. Couples should exercise great care in choosing wedding favors because these tokens will be around for years to come.

In selecting wedding favors, price plays a big factor. Another factor that shouldn’t be forgotten is that the cheap wedding favor must match the wedding theme and possibly show the couples personality. A bad wedding favor is one that is none of the above. It costs too much, it does not match the theme, the result of which, it looks like it came from another wedding. If a wedding favor is bought because it is cheap but doesn’t reflect the couple’s personality then it would look like it didn’t come from the couple but from somebody else. Years later, nobody would remember where it came from unless pertinent details are engraved on it. Personalized favors are the to go if the couple wants to make sure that nobody will ever forget the wedding favor came from them. Personalized wedding favors are not exactly on the cheap side of the price scale. Cheap wedding favors include candies, chocolates, candles and coasters. But given a few years, who can remember edible wedding favors or wedding favors that melt? Selecting the perfect cheap wedding favor ultimately lies on the couple.

To save money, some couples make their own wedding favors. They make it into one of their fun and bonding sessions. If making your own wedding favor is not an option, since time is running out and creativity isn’t a strong area, cheap wedding favors can be easily found and bought from local stores. But it is far easier to search for cheap wedding favors online. It is always a good idea to search on the net for cheap wedding favor ideas before jumping from one store to the next since it does not need much effort. Before selecting the wedding favor, make sure that the site sells on your area and make sure of the shipping costs before buying them. If proper calculations are not made before the purchase, the cheap wedding favor actual becomes an expensive wedding favor.

Remember, cheap wedding favors do not have to be tacky nor forgettable. As already mentioned, wedding favors do not have to cost much. There are good wedding favors that sell below the dollar per piece. Following the law of economics, the prices per piece usually drops as the number of pieces ordered increases. This is highly advantageous to the couple. It just takes time and patience to land on the right website.

Wedding favors that are less expensive doesn't mean that they are less beautiful. This is not true. There are less than $1 wedding favors that are very elegant and useful. Just be patience in looking for a more cheaper and elegant one.


Monday, September 28, 2009

The Best Wedding Favor Ideas

With a wedding comes tons of planning and organization. Among this you have to think about the cake, the flowers, the reception venue, the decor, the dresses, and much more. You also have to think about the wedding favors that you are going to give your guests. If you have no clue as to what to make these, here are some of the best and most affordable wedding favor ideas.

Finding the best wedding favors can be hard as there are lots of favors that you can choose from and many that are quite expensive. Considering that there are about 50 to 100 people or more at your wedding, you will have to plan your budget for the wedding favors accordingly. You might find that most wedding favors are too expensive.

Aside from the shells, you can also use other things that are free or that you have perhaps made. You can also give people something that might not seem like much, but that has a special meaning. This could be something like a packet of seeds that you want to share as you grow in your life together. It might be something simple like a poem or a single candle. You can wrap this with a ribbon and include a special message for your loved ones.

You can also have a special item made for you that will be a great reminder for people. You can do something like heart shaped fridge magnets with a special engraving. This can also be a key ring, or bottle stopper. Think about things people will get the most use out of.

Something that can also be cheap as it will double as another item is a bottle of bubbles. These can be blown by your guests instead of using confetti or throwing rice or petals. It will look stunning and your guests will get to keep these as well. You can print a message or your wedding date and have these stuck on each bottle.

You can also use lavender or something similar to make a wonderful scented gift. You can use the actual lavender sticks and tie them together with ribbon. Attach this to a unique recipe like lavender shortbread for people. You can also attach this to a small lavender scented miniature pillow that you put under your pillow to help you sleep.

Some of the best wedding favor ideas are ones you find on the internet. There are hundreds of wedding favor stores and online wedding sites that have tons of ideas and gifts for sale or that you can order. These include cigarette cases, lighters, bottle openers, photo frames, figurines, place card holders, candles, candle holders, boxes filled with chocolates or candies, and much more. There really are hundreds and hundreds of ideas for wedding favors.

With all these ideas you can now start to think about what you want to give people as a thank you. What do you think will be appreciated and what do you think is special to give your loved ones?

Your wedding favor is a great reminder of your special day, so see to it that your guests will love it.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cheap Chocolate Wedding Favors

The easiest cheap chocolate wedding favors recipe is here!

This is so easy I have even managed to make this with my 3 year old son, the only problem was that a lot was eaten in the making process, purely for quality control.

For 50 chocolate truffle favors you will need 8oz dark chocolate, 1/2 cup double cream, 2 tablespoons of unsalted butter and then a further 3oz of dark chocolate or cocoa powder for the decoration. You will need to make these only a couple of days before the wedding.

Melt the 8oz of dark chocolate in a bowl over a pan of hot water, this will melt the chocolate without burning. You can use your microwave just be careful not to leave the bowl of chocolate in too long.

While it is melting add the unsalted butter and stir in until that is melted.

Place the bowl of melted chocolate and butter on the side and add 1/2 a cup of double cream.

Mix it all together and now leave to cool, don't panic it should be a runny mixture.

When it is cool, cover the bowl with cling film and place in the fridge overnight.

The next day your truffle mixture will be hard and you can now roll it into balls and decorate.

To decorate with the melted chocolate place the balls into the melted chocolate and leave to dry on some grease proof paper. If you want to decorate with the cocoa powder then place the cocoa onto a plate and roll the truffle balls in it.

To present as a favor either have them in a favor box - make sure they fit into the size you have! or into a papercase.

As the truffles contain cream it will be best to store them in the fridge and consume within 3 days.

You can change the dark chocolate for white chocolate or milk and decorate with anything you want. Have fun experimenting and if you have any left overs give me a call!

Wow! That's very delicious! I bet your guests will surely love your edible chocolate wedding favors.

Source of Cheap Wedding Favors Ideas

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Inspiration for your cheap wedding favor

Your cheap wedding favor can be traditional or unique, it is your wedding so which would you prefer? Which would fit the theme of your wedding or your personality? What fits in with the budget?

Your wedding favor will be a thank you to your guests for sharing your day but it doesn't have to be an expensive cost nor will it look cheap.

Edible Favor Ideas

cookie favors, manassas cakery If you want traditional favors then you can't beat sugar-coated almonds or Jordan almonds for a sense of history. The tradition originated from Italy where they were given to honor engaged and newly married couples, the idea is to give 5 almonds to represent happiness, longevity, wealth, children and health.

Look to buy your sugar almonds from a sweet shop rather than through wedding shops as they will charge more. Shop around for a cheap wedding favor box and you have your favor. Remember that sugar-coated almonds can be quite large so you will need a wedding favor box that will fit and it helps to get friends in to help put the favors together, it is a great chance to catch up! If you wanted your favor in a bag then you could look at buying some tulle from a material shop, cut into circles and tie with your theme colour ribbon.

For a cheap unique wedding favor then you can choose anything! Do you have a favourite chocolate or sweet? or could your favor match your theme?

If you like chocolate maybe think about buying good quality chocolates, like a truffle - which fits easily into a small cheap wedding favor box and then tastes yummy. If you buy the chocolates in bulk rather than in small boxes it will keep the price down.

If you are looking to save even more money have a look at my cheap chocolate wedding favor recipe. The best bit about this chocolate recipe is it is so easy.

Edible wedding favors are widely chosen by couples because it's unique and their guests surely enjoy grabbing a bite of it.

Source of Cheap Wedding Favors Ideas

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Inexpensive Wedding Favor Ideas

Thanking Wedding Guests with Cheap and Practical Items

Don't let a tight budget come in the way of a dream wedding and choose for inexpensive wedding favors.

Couples hand out wedding favors to their wedding guests in order to thank them for participating in their special day of love. It’s sad to say, but a lot of wedding favors get thrown away almost immediately after the wedding. Inexpensive wedding favors are thus a good idea. Also keep in mind that the more useful a wedding favor is, the less it’ll get thrown away.

Bookmarks, sandblasted glass and shot glasses are ideal favors for weddings because these items can be used after the wedding and they are inexpensive. They also prove that cheap wedding favors do not need to be tacky.

Homemade Wedding Favors: Bookmarks

Homemade bookmarks are inexpensive wedding favors and very practical as well. Wedding guests can take them home after the wedding and use them for their favorite or new books.

The couple’s name and wedding date is usually printed on one side of the bookmark. The other side can contain a photograph of the happy couple or a short love poem printed in a nice font. These inexpensive wedding favors can be printed at home. Print them on card stock paper, because this kind of paper is thicker than normal printing paper and will make the bookmarks more durable.

It’s possible to print three or four bookmarks on one paper which reduces the amount of paper needed. Go to a print shop and have the bookmarks laminated. A ribbon can be attached to the top of each bookmark but this is of course optional. When using ribbons, make sure that they match the wedding colors for an extra personal touch.

Wedding Favor Idea: Sandblasted Glass

Glass is not so expensive these days and especially not when buying in large quantities. Look for craft shops nearby that provide personalized sandblasted glass and compare prices. Wedding party gifts in this category include: personalized wine glasses, glass coasters, glass candlesticks, glass bowls and more.

Sandblasting is not as expensive as it sounds and it gives cheap wedding favors a very personal touch. The text on the glass can be a short sentence like ‘happy together’, ‘happily married’ or ‘thank you’ or it can mention the names of the bride and groom. It’s also possible to have the wedding date sandblasted on the glass. Couples can be at creative as they wish!
Shot Glasses Filled With Candy

Another cheap wedding favor idea is buying simple shot glasses and fill them with candy. Adding a small card that has the names of the couple printed on it gives the wedding favor a personal touch.

When choosing candy to fill the shot glasses with it’s wise to think about the date of the wedding. A wedding taking place in the middle of summer should not include chocolate candy because it will melt easily and melted chocolates is not something wedding guests will appreciate.

Other Cheap Wedding Favors

Looking for more cheap wedding favors? These wedding favor ideas are also very nice and cheap: personalized candles, food favors, heart-shaped vases, personalized chocolate coins, mints in a box, personalized wedding poker chips and place card holders.

If a couple does not hand out the wedding favors themselves, the best thing to do is to put a note next to them saying that every guest can take a wedding favor home. This way, wedding guests will not be afraid or reluctant to take one.

That's very beautiful wedding favors and less expensive. It's stylish and your guests will enjoy it.

Source of Cheap Wedding Favors Ideas

Sunday, September 20, 2009

More wedding favors to choose from

Here are some romantic, themed, traditional, unique, less-expensive, fun and practical wedding favors for you to discover and to impress your guests. They are elegant but the best of it, it is very affordable. Price ranges from $0.85 to $2.29 per piece.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

How Do It Yourself Wedding Favors Can Be Special

Wedding favors are one of the many details that must be taken care of before your special day. Sometimes for one reason or another buying them is not always possible. When this happens you should consider do it yourself wedding favors.

Most people don't want to use the do it yourself favors because it takes time to make each one. The amount of time that it takes will depend on how many guests you have at your wedding and the type of wedding gifts that you choose to make. So here are some ideas that you can start with.

One: Cookies are always a great idea for favors because you can personalize them. You can make each cookie and then put a personal message on each one, get a picture of the bride and groom made into an edible topping that can be put on top or anything else you can think to put on top of the cookie.

Two: Put your wedding music on a CD. You can add any music you like to the CD such as favorites of yours or your partners. Then have a picture taken of the bride and groom and add some information such as the wedding date, the names of bride and groom and anything else you want them to remember. This will give your wedding guests a wedding favor that they will be able to keep and enjoy for years to come.

Three: Candy also makes wonderful do it yourself wedding favors. You can make any type of candy that you want to. Then you just add it to a mesh bag and tie a ribbon around the top of it to make it look more decorated.

Four: Sachets are something you can make yourself and are a great traditional gift for your guest. You just need to make the sachet or buy it already made, then sew two squares of tulle around three edges with narrow satin ribbon, fill it with potpourri and sew the top shut. You can leave longArticle Search, flowing ribbon bows at the corners if you want to.

These are not the only do it yourself wedding favors that you can choose but they are some of the more popular ones. If you don't want to use any of these then you just need to search for other wedding favors that can be made by you. Just remember to take your time and find the right favors so that you can let your guests know that you appreciate them sharing your special day with you.

DIY Wedding favors are very special because you have your personal touch in it. You do it by yourself and I believe you have fun also.

Source of Cheap Wedding Favors

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wedding favors are not a necessity, but many couples like to offer their guests a little something extra for helping them celebrate their big day. You don't have to spend $2-4 per favor, here's how you can make cheap wedding favors that will satisfy your guests!


Things You'll Need:

* Tulle Circles
* Candy
* Ribbon
* Favor Tag
* Hole Punch
* Latex Gloves (optional)
* Clean Hands (a must!)

Step 1

*Be sure to gather all of the supplies needed to start the creation of your cheap wedding favors*

Coordinate your wedding favors with your wedding colors. You could have all wedding favors be the same color, or you could choose multiple colors that go along with your theme. A great place to look for tulle circles and ribbon is eBay or your local craft supply store. You can even find personalized favor tags on eBay for cheap!

Step 2

Punch a hole in each personalized favor tag if there isn't already one there. Next you'll need to thread the ribbon through the punched hole to attach the favor tag to the tulle.

Step 3

*Decide how much candy you want placed into each wedding favor*

Look online for great prices on bulk candy. One great website is candywarehouse.com. They let you search by colors, brands, occasions and more.

Step 4

*Assemble the Cheap Wedding Favors*

Place the candy into the center of the tulle circle to begin creating your cheap wedding favor. Now that you've threaded the ribbon through the favor tag and laid out your candy onto the tulle circle, you'll then need to gather the tulle and wrap the ribbon around the tulle and tie it into a bow to secure the candy.

Wow! It's very cheap yet it's very stylish. You can save lots of money by making these wedding favors. Everyone will love it!

Source of Cheap Wedding Favors

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Do-It-Yourself Wedding Favors

If the price tag on your wedding seems to be skyrocketing and you want to find a way to cut costs-consider making your own wedding favors. With some creativity and craftsmanship, you will impress your wedding guests by giving favors that reflect your personality and style. Make your event memorable by incorporating personalized party favors such as mini glass candy jars which are sure to make a lasting impression. Furthermore, making your own wedding favors can save you money that can then be spent on flowers, food or your honeymoon.

The tradition of having the Bride and Groom take part in designing wedding favors has become increasingly popular. Creating your own favors to complement your individual tastes or interests is a unique way to personally thank guests for sharing your special day. With beautiful favor boxes, ribbons and labels such as a decorative wedding gift tag, custom designer label, dainty square favor boxes or personalized satin ribbon, your wedding favor is sure to make a lasting impression. Do-it-yourself wedding favors also give you the opportunity to present a party favor that showcases a hobby or special interest.

Before you begin, think about what you would like to communicate through your wedding favors. The following are some questions that might give you some ideas:

1. What is a quality or characteristic that defines you, the Bride and Groom?

2. What is your favorite hobby or past time?

3. How did you meet?

4. What is an activity that you and your fiancé enjoy doing together?

5. What is the mood of your reception: formal dinner, casual party, or family get-together?

6. Does your reception have a theme?

7. Will your wedding take place during a holiday like Christmas or Thanksgiving? Does the season play a role?

Once you have decided on a message, the next step is to design a favor that will convey your ideas. If your wedding has a special theme, you can make your favor to fit the theme such as presenting heart shaped candy tins for a Valentine's theme, or take out boxes for an Asian-inspired theme or bird's nests for a spring wedding. Whatever you choose, the fact that it was hand-crafted by you with your guests in mind will guarantee success. It is wise to make the favor as simple as possible, so it's easy to assemble. This is especially important for large weddings.

The final step is to shop for the components-craft stores are a great place to find innovative, creative ideas. Online shops often offer great discount wedding favor products based on large purchases. Once you have all the pieces, you will be ready to transform your ideas into fabulous, DIY wedding favors.

Here are some ideas for inexpensive wedding favors:

* Candy tins with traditional candy like Jordan almonds, chocolate kisses or mints along with a thank you tag, ribbon or sticker of your wedding date

* Favor boxes filled with goodies like homemade cookies

* Jordan almonds packaged in organza bags

* Mini favor pails filled with nuts and tied with personalized ribbons stamped with your wedding date

* Personalized CD's of the happy couple's favorite songs

* Mini travel candles personalized with a mini oval label

In addition to purchasing discount wedding favors, you can also make your own wedding place cards as an easy way to show your guests that special care was taken in planning their seating arrangements and this will surely add to the elegance of your special occasion.

So, if you want wedding favors that are truly unique, take the time to develop your ideas and make your own! You'll save money, and most importantly, the personal touch will show your guests that you took the extra time and effort to personally thank them for being a part of your special day.

You can save a lot of your money if you do your wedding favors by yourself. Aside from the personal touch you can contribute by making your own wedding favors, it's also fun. Both of you can also have a quality time by doing your wedding favors.

Source of Cheap Wedding Favors

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wedding Favors ($1 to $3.50)

I have here some photos of weddings favors that you can give your guests on your wedding day. These wedding favors amounted from $1.00 to $3.50, cheap yet stylish. They are very unique, useful and elegant. Wedding favors takes a big part on your wedding because it shows your appreciation to your guests who joined you on that special day, it also reflects the personality of the couple and most especially these wedding favors will be remembered by everyone that they witnessed the love you had for each other.

Here are the photos and I hope you'll love it as much as I did..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wedding favors to choose from

I recommend you to visit this site: http://www.zazzle.com/cheap+wedding+favor+gifts

They offer cute stuff for wedding favors such as shirts, bags, pin buttons and caps. This will make you're wedding favors unique and can be used by your guests, they will definitely love your wedding favors. I hope this site will help you to decide what wedding favors will you choose for your wedding.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Unique wedding favors

Here are unique and stylish wedding favors you can choose from.

Choice Crystal by Fashioncraft – Long Stem Rose

You’re guests will agree that you really “rose” to the occasion with Fashioncraft’s own Choice Crystal roses as your wedding favors. A symbol of love, beauty and strength, the rose is a perennial favorite as a decorative addition to any occasion. And these lovely favors, from the exclusive Choice Crystal by Fashioncraft line, truly capture the essence of the rose. Each is 3 ½” long and features a luminous crystal bud atop a chrome metal stem with embossed leaves. Surrounded by satin inside a Choice Crystal signature silver heart design box (4 ¼” x 1 7/8”), tied with an organza and satin bow with a crystal heart on top and an attached matching heart shaped tag, these favors make for a stunning presentation.

Gown/Tuxedo Design Candles

Show your guests that you’re all dressed up and have someplace very special to go with these unique gown/tuxedo design wedding favors. It’s your wedding day and surely the gown and tuxedo are two of the most important and attention-getting details. Well, these whimsical black and white candle favors give the gown and tuxedo their due! Each glass votive candle holder has a beautiful bridal gown design on one side and the groom’s stylish tux on the other. Sold only by Fashioncraft, each favor measures 1 ¾” x 1 ¾” x 1 ¾’ and comes individually packaged in a deluxe clear box tied with a white satin ribbon.

Heart Shaped Pen

Don’t forget to write with our classically designed Heart Shaped Pen. Crafted of silver-plated metal, this pen and engraved base make a great gift to give to bridesmaids or to use with your ceremony guest book. She’ll love corresponding with her pen pals using this special silver-plated keepsake pen with a heart-shaped base.

Size: Measures 8 1/4″ tall by 2 1/4 inches wide.
Materials: Silver-plated metal

Engraving Options:
The Heart Shaped Pen may be engraved with a single, script initial or two first names (max of 12 characters per name) and numeric date at No Additional Cost.

Interlocking Hearts Design Favor Saver Candles

Share the joy over two hearts becoming one with these elegant interlocking hearts design Favor Saver candles

Hearts will be filled to the brim with love on your special day. So give your guests a lasting reminder of your thanks with these lovely candles as your favors. Each has a white tealight included and measures 1 .25″ x 2″ with a pearlized white poly resin heart-decorated base rising up to form an interlocking double heart outline, complete with rhinestone accents. Offering a wide selection of inexpensive favors that are rich in style, Fashioncraft’s exclusive Favor Saver Collection has something that’s just right for every occasion. Each comes packaged in a black bottomed gift box with a clear top and gray insert, attractively accented with an attached white satin bow.

Happily Ever After castle design candle favors

This "Happily Ever After" castle design candle favor makes a royal addition to a fairy tale day

Charming and picturesque as if it were torn right from the pages of your favorite "once upon a time" story book, this castle candle favor is sure to put a happy ending on your love-filled event. A Fashioncraft exclusive, each measures 2 .5" x 2" and depicts a detailed, pearlized white finish castle fit for a fairy tale, complete with turrets, towers, winding staircases, and a dramatic castle door and stone wall. Each castle candle favor comes packaged in a clear plastic box with a silver filigree design insert base, tied with a silver metallic bow and an attached castle themed "For You" tag.

It's very cute and stylish! Your wedding will be more memorable with these cute and stylish wedding favors.

Resources of Cheap Wedding Favors

Friday, September 4, 2009

Will You Be My Bridesmaid? Gourmet Chocolate Bridesmaid

What do women love more than a beautiful dress and gorgeous shoes....Chocolate!! And now they can have it all!

Imagine the delight of your friends and family when they receive this elegant yet decadent gourmet chocolate gift asking them to be part of the most important day of your life.

Each bridesmaid's dress is made of tissue and comes in a variety of colors with coordinating tulle and a satin sash tied in a bow to enhance the waist. The matching bodice and neck is adorned with edible sprinkles.

The bridesmaid style can have a label included on the box asking the important question:

"Will you be my Maid Of Honor"? "Will you be my Bridesmaid"? "Will you be my Junior Bridesmaid"? "Will you be my Flower Girl"?
"Thank you for being my Bridesmaid"
"Thank You For Being My Junior Bridesmaid"
Thank You For Being My Maid Of Honor
Thank You For Being My Flower Girl
"Thank You" which you can give for any occasion.

The bridal dress (see Bridal Dress) with veil and edible pearl necklace is perfect with this tag:

"Dad will you walk me down the aisle"? or
"To the Mother of the Bride"
(Grandmother, Sister, Aunt, Mother In Law are also available).

Wouldn't these also make a wonderful prize for the winners of the games at your bridal shower?

What teen girl wouldn't love these for their guests?

Each one is supported on a stick, which can easily be inserted into an inverted paper cup, to make wonderful decorations.

Choice of White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate.

Each Bridesmaid comes in it's own white gift box.

Additional colors not pictured are available in color choice listing. If you need a color not listed, please contact us.

Please allow 2 weeks.

Label Choices

A = Will You Be My Bridesmaid?
B = Will You Be My Junior Bridesmaid?
C = Will You Be My Maid Of Honor?
CC = Will You Be My Matron Of Honor?
D = Will You Be My Flower Girl?
E = Thank You For Being My Bridesmaid
F = Thank You For Being My Junior Bridesmaid
G = Thank You For Being My Maid Of Honor
GG = Thank You For Being My Matron Of Honor
H = Thank You For Being My Flower Girl
I = Thank You
J = None

This is really cute! Your family, friends and guests would love this cheap wedding favors. It's very stylish, unique and very affordable. Your wedding would be very special and memorable as well to your guest. I hope you also like it.

Resources of Cheap wedding Favors Ideas

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Cheap Wedding Favors

By Yours Truly

Weddings are a time of cheer, joy, romance, hope... and oh yes, before we forget, hefty expenses. Just about everything that a bride to be sets her hearts on for her big day will come with a high price tag. If you're on a limited budget, scrimping on your dress or the food might not seem very appealing. In a situation like this, it makes more sense to scout around for inexpensive wedding favors.

Fortunately, cheap wedding favors don't have to mean unattractive gifts that don't appeal. With a little imagination and some serious hunting, you can find favors that will make an impression without making a dent in your wallet.

Here are 10 great picks for cheap wedding favor ideas:

1. Pick out little mini baskets from thrift stores. Fill these with candy, and insert a little silk flower or mini trinket for a touch of glam. Wrap with a tulle bow.

2. Stainless steel mint tins in circular or heart shapes can also be used to contain candies and nuts. For an extra special touch, write a trivia question related to you or the groom and paste them on the outside of each fold up box. Put in a slip of paper with the answer inside and watch as guests join in the excitement of your own personal wedding trivia!

3. Choose from a variety of little bags on line - beach bags, silver, white, and blue mesh bags and fill these with Jordan almonds. Or try personalized candy; many companies offer these at affordable pieces. Remember to tag each bag with a printed tag that has your names, the date and a "Thank You" lettered out in a beautiful font.

4. Candles are eternal in their appeal, and are available in enough price ranges to ensure that you find frosted or votive candles that are within your budget.

5. Key chain wedding favors may seem a little done to death, but can be personalized with your names to create a cheap wedding favor that's affordable and pretty. If you're having a themed wedding, choose key chains that blend with the mood. For instance flip flop key chains set the mood for a summer or beach wedding.

6. Give a gift that will keep growing. A little potted plant is inexpensive and can easily be brought in bulk at a nursery near you. Don't forget to include the name of the plant and instructions for its care.

7. Seed packet wedding favors are always popular, symbolizing as they do new beginnings and fresh starts. You can easily make these by purchasing mini pails in bulk, and filling each with a little paper seed sachet or pieces of fabric that can be used to hold the seeds.

8. Cookies are easy to bake and cheap to order if you get a bulk of them made. Personalize them, and decorate with candy or sprinkles for a truly delicious wedding favor.

9. Simple chocolate hearts or squares can be packaged in a square of gold gauze and tied with a ribbon. Remember, the most inexpensive favors always look pricey when packaged right. Appearance is everything.

10. Finally, go online and hunt for affordable wedding favors that are simple, yet pretty. With a variety to choose from you'll have no problem finding something that speaks to you, without burning a hole in your pocket.

Wow! Lots of choices! You can now make your own wedding favors. Pick wedding favors that is close to you or describes you and your loved one, it would definitely make your wedding more meaningful.

Resources of Cheap Wedding Favors
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