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Very Unique Wedding Favor Idea - MUST SEE

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Battle of the CD Wedding Favors

Some say they are great, others say they are tacky. They are illegal too…is it worth it?

CD Wedding favors have become a hot topic on wedding message boards. People saying they are tacky and get thrown out, other people insisting that their guests loved their CD favors that they gave out. Most people are confused as to whether or not it is actually illegal to make and distribute them.

Okay, first things first, a CD wedding favor can be great. If the couple met at a guitar lesson, a CD of classical guitar songs might be the perfect favor. If the theme of the wedding is Hawaiian, a CD of island songs could be fun. Appropriate themes like these and clever packaging make CD favors a very attractive do it yourself favor.

Speaking of packaging, printable CD labels can be bought for cheap at office supply stores, as can jewel cases or other decorative and customizable CD sleeves. Read our Wedding CD Labels & Wedding CD Covers article for instructions on how to create personalized packaging. A photo of the two of you, your names and date…these are all elements that make the CD wedding favor seem like the perfect favor. But are they?

Here are some things to consider when deciding whether or not to go the CD wedding favors route:

With just 50 different guests at your wedding, you’ll have 50 different tastes in music. Even though you both love the songs you selected, they may not have wide appeal for most of your guests. Is Grandma Bertha going to like that Radiohead song you included? Wait, does Grandma Bertha even have a CD player? Not that you have to please everyone though, and if the songs you select are really a part of the two of you that people will “get” then by all means go for it!

It takes time to burn all those CDs. A. Lot. of. Time. Not to mention that you will want to check each one in case some of the CDs don’t “take” as you know happens when you burn those darn things. You don’t want any guests to get a bum CD!

Legal and ethical issues should be considered too. Yes, it technically is a copyright violation to burn CDs and distribute them even if you aren’t getting money for them. Combine this knowledge with the fact that your names will likely be somewhere on the packaging, and there is permanent evidence who did it! Okay, so they music industry isn’t going to crash your wedding and arrest you because of those CDs, but you might think about ethics since you are, in essence, stealing. If you have anyone in the music business coming to your wedding, skip the CDs, things like this are sensitive these days with all the layoffs. Speaking of layoffs, with the music industry hurting so bad right now you never know when they will start prosecuting people for those wedding CDs to prove their point.

If I haven’t scared you off of the idea by now, then CD wedding favors could be the right choice for you! For those of you who want other do it yourself wedding favor options, go back to the do it yourself wedding favors page.

CD's are normally given as wedding favors but you can still add some uniqueness in it by it's CD cover and your choice of songs. It's very affordable and easy to make.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Homemade Bath Scrub Instructions

A scented bath scrub makes an excellent gift for bridesmaids and hotel guests. It is the perfect skin smoother for the bride too!

* 3 cups epsom salt (or coarse sea salt)
* 1 cup almond oil (or canola oil or olive oil)
* Essential oils for fragrance

bath scrub ingredients

To make your own bath scrub, measure out your salt and pour into a large container or pot. Measure the almond oil (or olive oil, etc) and slowly pour into the salt while stirring. Finally, add the essential oil to the desired strength.

Essential oils can be mixed and matched to create unique scent combinations for the bath scrub. I used grapefruit and lemon which was a bright, refreshing scent. Consider trying green tea with tangerine, or lavendar with sage. Remember though, if you are giving these as gifts, try to stick to scents that others might enjoy. Citrus and minty scents are liked by most people, for example, and most fruits are a good bet too.

bath scrub instructions

There are many containers you can choose for your bath scrub, just make sure that it can be sealed enough so it doesn't leak! Clear glass containers are lovely, and if there is no color to your essential oil you can add just a drop or two of food coloring to your bath scrub. (Just a drop or two will not stain skin when you use the scrub).

bath scrub labels

I printed out tags for my bath scrub gifts and attached them to the jar with ribbon. You can also print on sticker paper and make real custom labels. You can make up your own name like "Betsy & John's Lemon Heaven Bath Scrub" and you can list ingredients and provide instructions.

bath scrub homemade

These are great bridesmaid gifts and also would be perfect as a hotel gift for out of town guests, or as part of a gift basket. Have fun making your bath scrub & don't forget to make some for yourself too. What better way to relax from the wedding planning stress and get your skin silky smooth!

Bath scrub as your wedding favor is so unique and it's inexpensive. Your visitors will surely love it.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cheap Wedding Favors

After the wedding reception, the couple gives away wedding favors. Wedding favors are given to the guests as symbols of appreciation. One does not need to have a big budget to give away great wedding favors to make the guests feel appreciated. Since a simple “thank you” can also make them feel appreciated. But it is always better to give a wedding favor rather than say a simple thank you.

Wedding favors are very special since they remind everyone of the beautiful wedding. Secondly, there are some wedding favors like candleholders, which do not belong inside the cabinet but can actually be used. Couples should exercise great care in choosing wedding favors because these tokens will be around for years to come.

In selecting wedding favors, price plays a big factor. Another factor that shouldn’t be forgotten is that the cheap wedding favor must match the wedding theme and possibly show the couples personality. A bad wedding favor is one that is none of the above. It costs too much, it does not match the theme, the result of which, it looks like it came from another wedding. If a wedding favor is bought because it is cheap but doesn’t reflect the couple’s personality then it would look like it didn’t come from the couple but from somebody else. Years later, nobody would remember where it came from unless pertinent details are engraved on it. Personalized favors are the to go if the couple wants to make sure that nobody will ever forget the wedding favor came from them. Personalized wedding favors are not exactly on the cheap side of the price scale. Cheap wedding favors include candies, chocolates, candles and coasters. But given a few years, who can remember edible wedding favors or wedding favors that melt? Selecting the perfect cheap wedding favor ultimately lies on the couple.

To save money, some couples make their own wedding favors. They make it into one of their fun and bonding sessions. If making your own wedding favor is not an option, since time is running out and creativity isn’t a strong area, cheap wedding favors can be easily found and bought from local stores. But it is far easier to search for cheap wedding favors online. It is always a good idea to search on the net for cheap wedding favor ideas before jumping from one store to the next since it does not need much effort. Before selecting the wedding favor, make sure that the site sells on your area and make sure of the shipping costs before buying them. If proper calculations are not made before the purchase, the cheap wedding favor actual becomes an expensive wedding favor.

Remember, cheap wedding favors do not have to be tacky nor forgettable. As already mentioned, wedding favors do not have to cost much. There are good wedding favors that sell below the dollar per piece. Following the law of economics, the prices per piece usually drops as the number of pieces ordered increases. This is highly advantageous to the couple. It just takes time and patience to land on the right website.

It will take a lot of your patience in looking for cheap wedding favors that you would like but if you are creative you can do it in the way you want to look like. It will also save most of your money. 


Friday, October 30, 2009

Stylish wedding favors

You can also choose from these cheap wedding favors. They are very elegant but you can save lots of money in it.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Wedding Favor Creator Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

Wedding favors have always been a nice, personal gesture to include in your wedding preparations. Unfortunately, there are too many "cookie-cutter" type favors out there, which portray the couple's lack of interest in providing something unique.   

Here is a Wedding Favor Creator for you to use for your upcoming wedding or one that you're planning for your best friend. You can mix and match to your heart's content and according to the budget you have.

Small containers to use for candies, chocolates, small floating candles, decorative soaps, etc. (many of them can be purchased at your local dollar store)

    * tiny wicker baskets or straw hats
    * egg cups
    * candle holders
    * flat shells (scallops)
    * small filigree metal boxes
    * decorated wooden boxes
    * coffee mugs
    * wine glasses
    * small decorative dish
    * tiny flower pots
    * little tin watering cans
    * small jars
    * ceramic spoon rest

Fillings to add to your favor containers

    * heart-shaped candies or chocolates
    * Hershey's kisses and hugs
    * small floating candles
    * gourmet or flavored coffee - enough for one pot
    * little decorative soaps
    * wild flower seed packets or small quantity of seeds with planting instructions, wrapped in colored cellophane
    * flower bulbs
    * bath oil beads
    * bath salts
    * small bag of mixed spice (cinnamon/nutmeg) and your favorite
    * apple pie recipe
    * packets of specialty tea
    * hot chocolate and cinnamon mix - enough for one mug

Sample sayings and poems to write or print onto a small note card along with your names and wedding date (punch a hole in the card and attach a ribbon to tie to your favors)

    * Please plant these to celebrate our growing love (for bulbs, seeds)
    * All things grow with love (for bulbs, seeds)
    * Our flame of love will always be bright (for candles)
    * Hugs and Kisses from the new Mr. And Mrs! (for Hershey's kisses and/or hugs)
    * Heart-felt wishes from the new Mr. And Mrs. (for anything heart-shaped)
    * Love lives in happy hearts (anything heart-shaped)
    * The best gifts are tied with heartstrings (anything heart-shaped)
    * May there always be spice in your life! (for apple pie recipe and spice; for hot chocolate/cinnamon mix)
    * We're suited to a 'T' (for specialty teas)
    * Nothing can wash away the love we feel! (bath oil, bath salts, soaps)
    * Thanks for sharing this special day with us
    * Thank you for sharing in the celebration of our love (or union, etc.)
    * Thanks for joining us on our wedding day
    * Thanks for sharing in our special day

Other Unique Ideas

    * Personalized coasters made from CD's (see http://www.whimsies-online.com/cdcoasters.htm )
    * Personalized CD mix of your favorite music - print out a liner for the CD case with your names, wedding date and a nice background or a photo of the happy bride and groom-to-be!
    * Fortune cookies with printed fortunes that you create on your computer - or add your names and wedding date (see http://www.whimsies-online.com/wedding.htm )
    * Small picture frames that can double as place cards
    * Heart-shaped cookie cutters with your favorite sugar cookie recipe
    * Homemade bell-shaped or heart-shaped cookies decorated with your names and wedding date in hard icing

Finishing Details

    * Wrap each filled favor in colored netting or tulle to match your wedding colors or line white or glitter netting with colored tissue paper before wrapping your favors.
    * Wrap the favor bag with ribbon or lace and add your note card (hole-punched). Tie into bow and add a sprig of dried or silk flowers and it's ready for your special day!

It's tiring but enjoyable, you can save lots of your budget if you make your own wedding favors. Be creative and add personal details in it.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Unique Party Favors & Wedding Favors

Chocolate Wedding Favors Personalized - A Great Favor! Chocolate makes one of the most popular gifts you could give to your guests as wedding favors. It is a simple and elegant way to thank your guests. Small-and-large, young-and-old love chocolates, so why not have chocolate wedding favors? If you give chocolate wedding favors, your wedding reception guests will appreciate the thought. Taking chocolate wedding favors to the next level, is by personalization. Yes, you can have your wedding date and your names printed on your favors.

Your wedding favors give you a chance to thank your reception guests with class. When you give a guest a wedding favor, you give her a small token of appreciation. Giving wedding favors is not mandatory, but they are part of a perfect wedding. You can select from hundreds of popular favors for your special day.

The small gifts are given to each wedding reception guest. Many are practical gifts such as bottle stoppers, place card holders, paper favors boxes, pictures frames, candles, and more. Personalized wedding favors are among the most popular as the names of the bride and groom and their wedding day can be printed on them. Planning your wedding can be an overwhelming task, let us help you make your wedding favor selection fun!

The wedding favors are very unique and stylish. I love the brush/mirror compact favors because women guests can use it personally.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Personalized Favor Tags, Labels & Stickers


 Adding a distinctive personal touch to any favor or gift is easy with our impressive collection of personalized favor labels and hang tags. Professionally printed to assure gorgeous quality, our personalized labels add a fine finishing touch to guests’ favor bags and thank you gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsmen. Incredibly affordable, these favor tags make inexpensive white boxes pop with color and style, turning ordinary candy boxes into extraordinary tokens of your appreciation. Available in a lush variety of colors, styles and themes, our personalized tags and labels are sure to please!

That's really nice. You should try this wedding favor labels.


Friday, October 16, 2009

Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors

Little Things Wedding Favors is Eco-Friendly! We are a partner with and donate to Carbon Fund to reduce our impact on the environment.

Go Green! Not only with your lifestyle, but with your wedding as well. Going green, or having an eco-friendly wedding helps teach friends and family about giving back to the earth by using all natural, environmentally friendly materials. These green eco-friendly wedding favors are made with earth friendly materials and make wonderful eco-friendly favors for your organic wedding.

For truely unique eco-friendly wedding favors, try our Mini Ribbon Favor Boxes. Each mini ribbon box is hand crafted, made of recycled wood and painted with waterbased paint. Inside has a vintage inspired feel. Fill with edible treats for-reuseable chic wedding favors or as adorable trinket boxes.

These eco-friendsly wedding favors are very beautiful and stylish. Aside that you can help save our nature, your guests will also enjoy your wedding favors.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Winter Wedding Favors

If you’re marrying amid sparkling icicles and gleaming snow-covered hills, our spectacular collection of winter wedding favors will warm your heart…and your guests’ hearts, too. Delight your senses with beautiful wedding favors that boast a winter theme…and an affordable price! From snowflake-embellished gel candles to delectable chocolates to soothing cocoa and cappuccino mixes, our winter theme wedding favors are the perfect way to welcome your guests to your winter wonderland wedding!

That's really cute. Your guests will surely love these wedding favors. It really feels like winter.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Get Your Very Own Customized Celebrity Wedding Favors

Celebrity weddings can be a great source of ideas and trends that you can imitate ? for a fraction of the cost. Most brides cannot afford to be as extravagant as celebrities are. However, with a little bit of innovation, you too can have celebrity wedding favors at your wedding party.

Here are some real-life celebrity wedding favors and some ideas on how you can have the same for much less.

* "Extra" television host Dayna Devon got handmade velveteen cones trimmed with satin, which she filled with rose petals. These were hung from every chair so that guests could shower the bridal couple with rose petals after the ceremony. Why don?t you get your celebrity wedding favors by using velum to make the cones yourself. Add some inexpensive lace or ribbons as trim and ask the florist to give you leftover petals of whichever flowers he is using for the wedding.

* One celebrity had handmade silk boxes. Inside the box was the story of the couple?s romance as well as their wedding invitation. Costing about $125 each, this is something definitely for the rich and famous. However, you can imitate the celebrity wedding favors even on a much lower wedding budget. Instead of silk boxes get nice photo frames, quilted paper boxes, or glass bottles depending on how much you want to spend. Then print your love story on your computer and insert it in the photo frame, box or bottle. Voila! Beautiful celebrity wedding favors at a fraction of the cost!

* Britney Spears and Shaquille O'Neal and his bride, both gave silver photo frames as wedding favors. These can cost anything from $100-$125 each! You can instead invest in cheaper silver plated photo frames that cost as little as $2 each. To make this celebrity wedding favor your very own, add a photo of yourself and the guest to the frame from your photo album. That?s real celebrity wedding favors for you!

* John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos created kitschy air freshners printed with a 70s style photo of themselves. The words, ?Our love will last forever? were printed and the freshners were hung in the guests? cars. You can have your own celebrity wedding favors by creating air freshners from potpourri. Instead of putting your photograph on it, you can print your names and wedding date on the computer and include that.

With a little creativity you don't need a million dollar budget to create a celebrity style wedding. Just find some personal and unique ways to give a little of yourself to your guests and you, too, can have a beautiful and star filled wedding for a fraction of the cost.

You can replicate their wedding favors, you just be keen in finding, looking ans choosing cheap wedding favors.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Basics A celebrity-style wedding on a budget

Here's how to get married like a star despite a down-to-earth pocketbook. Check out these stylish ideas on flowers, ambiance, gifts and all the other requisites.

Who says only the rich and famous get to have the fancy weddings? You, too, can get married like a star -- without the Hollywood price tag!

The trick is to get inspiration from celebrity weddings and execute the ideas with creativity and thrift in mind.

"Celebrity weddings are a great source of ideas and trends that you can incorporate into your affair for much less money," says Sasha Souza, a well-known wedding consultant to the rich and famous.

For her lavish wedding, "Extra" television host Dayna Devon had handmade monogrammed velveteen cones trimmed with satin and filled with rose petals hung from every chair so guests could shower the bride and groom with petals after the ceremony.

"You can copy that look relatively inexpensively by being crafty," says Souza, who planned the Devon nuptials.

"Use velum that can be purchased at any fabric store to make the cones, stamp on your monogram and trim with ribbon or inexpensive rope to hang from the chairs. Ask your florist to save the exterior rose petals and use those. Exterior petals are often thrown in the garbage by the florist. Instead of spending $800, you can copy the look for $50."

From your wedding cake to the gown, there are many ways to recreate that spectacular celebrity style on a shoestring budget.

Here's how:

Wedding gown

Celebrities often call upon world-renowned designers to create their wedding dresses. You can find reasonably priced designers who offer similar gowns at a fraction of the cost -- do your window shopping on the Web at sites such as WeddingChannel.com.

"Britney Spears had a gorgeous Monique Lhuillier gown with a trumpet silhouette that cost almost $30,000," says Rosanna McCollough, editor-in-chief of WeddingChannel.com. "It was a tight-fitting, strapless, A-line gown that flared at the knees. You can get the same look for less from wedding dress designer MoriLee for only $500."

Carmen Electra wore an embroidered, beaded, off-white Badgley Mischka gown at her wedding that was rumored to have cost $10,000.

"Looking for a strapless, embroidered A-line, we found a gown that has a similar look at Mon Cheri for only $800," says McCollough.

The wedding cake

A few celebrity clients of wedding consultant Souza opted for miniature wedding cakes for each of their guests over the traditional large wedding cake.

"It's an elegant, but expensive, statement," says Souza.

"Instead of serving individual cakes, you might have one centerpiece wedding cake for each table. It serves each guest at the table and doubles as a centerpiece. It's very cool and unexpected. It's also an interactive and fun thing -- each table could cut their own cake as the bride and groom cuts theirs. It's a classy touch that solves two separate issues -- the wedding cake and the flowers for the centerpiece," says Souza, who was one of the Top 25 wedding-industry trendsetters in 2004.

Carmen Electra had a towering multitiered white wedding Oreo cookie cheesecake decorated with fresh red roses, with 50 to 60 Swarovski crystals suspended on wires and shooting out from each layer. The cake cost more than $5,000.

"It was magical," says McCollough. "But by going to a craft store, you can find tear-shaped crystals for under a dollar apiece, and have your baker recreate the same elegant wedding cake for a fraction of the cost."


Celebrities often get jewels worth thousands of dollars on loan from famous jewelry designers such as Neil Lane, Fred Leighton and Harry Winston. Jennifer Lopez borrowed a diamond bracelet and necklace from Neil Lane for her wedding to Marc Anthony. Tori Spelling borrowed a beautiful vintage floral brooch for her hair.

"Borrowing jewelry from friends or family or raiding grandma's jewelry box is a wonderful way to create your own distinctive look," suggests McCollough.

Reception touches

You can add unique personal touches to your wedding that cost very little money. Take a clue from these celebrity touches:

"Anger Management" star Adam Sandler handed out Krispy Kreme doughnuts -- his favorite -- at his wedding. Another celebrity groom had waiters carrying great silver chafing dishes filled with McDonald's hamburgers. "Bachelorette" Trista Rehn had personalized heart candies.

Take these celebrity ideas and personalize them to fit your style.

For instance, you can find "message hearts" that are just as nice for only $6.75 for 16 ounces. You can personalize M&M candies with up to 8 letters, says McCollough. And if the groom loves McDonald's, it's a fun hors d'oeuvre that isn't at all expensive to add.

Instead of a full bar, you can pick a signature drink. One celebrity couple's favorite cocktail was a pomegranate martini. They served a nice white wine at the table and champagne for the toast, but at the bar served only pomegranate martinis. It was their drink.

"It was the biggest hit at the reception," says celebrity wedding planner Souza.

"It wasn't terribly expensive but it was a personal touch that was memorable," she adds.

Favors for guests

On a tight budget, wedding favors are the first thing to go. But if you really want to give a favor, select something that's very personal.

"One very wealthy client had handmade silk boxes. On the inside was the story of the couple's romance as well as their wedding invitation. They cost $400 each," Souza says.

But sharing a little bit of your love story is a beautiful touch that could easily be done inexpensively in a variety of ways. You could add your story to the "Save the Date" card and print it yourself on your computer. Or, you could have it printed. You could put your wedding story inside an inexpensive picture frame to use as a favor or even use the frames as place cards, suggests Souza.

Britney gave small silver picture frames to her guests, and so did Shaquille O'Neal and his bride, promising to send a wedding picture later, says McCollough.

"Silver frames can cost $100, but you can find inexpensive silver-plated or beaded frames for under $2," she says.


"Candlelight creates ambiance," says Souza.

Instead of expensive candleholders, you can buy really cheap juice glasses and put candles in them. You can hit the stores after Christmas and buy jewel-toned candleholders on sale. You can also buy red cut-glass dishes in Target's kitchen section and put water in them and float candles. Don't be afraid to spray paint votive cups in your chosen color, either.


Some of the celebrity brides add expensive crystals to the wedding bouquets they carry down the aisle. Tori Spelling carried a bouquet of lilies of the valley with antique lace wrapping the stem of the bouquet, as well as Swarovski crystals.

"How many people were actually going to see the bouquet's handle?" asks McCollough. "But it meant a great deal to her."

Brides can do something similar for much less by purchasing a special fabric or snipping a piece of lace from the underskirt of their mother's wedding dress.

"It's a special touch that can double as something borrowed and something old," says the wedding expert.

When Melania Knauss married Donald Trump in Palm Beach, Fla., she chose not to carry a bouquet and instead walked down the aisle carrying a family rosary.

"It was incredibly classy," says McCollough.

Bridesmaid dresses

Custom-created bridesmaid dresses might be in the budget for celebrities, but can be too pricey for the average bridal couple and their court. Experts suggest checking out the better department stores such as Macy's, Nordstrom and Hecht's that stock bridesmaid dresses.

"You can save a lot of money by buying bridesmaid dresses off the rack and off season," advises Souza. After prom season, summer and Christmas, you can find real bargains.

Instead of spending $500, you might spend $50. Many brides are choosing shorter-length cocktail dresses that are also less expensive.

"One California bride had a friend fly back east after Christmas to a Hecht's where she found Ralph Lauren dresses in silver and gun metal at huge savings. She bought the dresses right off the rack at $50 apiece and even bought a few extra dresses and still saved really big," says the wedding event coordinator.

Or, instead of choosing the identical dress for your bridesmaids, choose the same color dress but different styles that flatter each figure, says McCollough.

"Britney chose burgundy red gowns in slightly different styles. This is a great idea so your bridesmaids can find gowns they feel comfortable in," she says.

Britney's bridesmaids' dresses cost $3,000 each, but you can get the same look in a beautiful burgundy red for $100 to $200.

Wedding planner

Most celebrities hire a wedding consultant to help plan their dream wedding and coordinate all the details. But consultants can be expensive -- some charge as much as 15% of the total cost of the wedding or a flat fee that can sometimes hit six figures.

"If you can afford to do so, it's a great option. But if you can't hire a wedding planner for the whole affair you might consider hiring someone for the day of the affair.

"This way if something goes wrong, someone else is there to take care of it. To have someone else deal with the catering manager and all the other logistics leaves the bride and groom free to just enjoy themselves," says McCollough.

Bridal party gifts

Tori Spelling and Britney Spears each gave their attendants pink Juicy Couture jumpsuits that cost $99.

But you don't have to give an elaborate keepsake -- just something fun and trendy. If you can't afford a $99 jumpsuit, you can buy tank tops or thongs. They can even say "bridesmaid" on them.

Britney's groom, Kevin Federline, gave his groomsmen $100 Tiffany sterling silver money clips. It doesn't have to be Tiffany, but you can have the same look and spend $25 to $35 each, says McCollough.

"The idea is to take elements from celebrity weddings and do it your own way. Let it spark your imagination," McCollough suggests.

"Regardless of how much money they spend, whether the affair is formal or casual, the celebrities I've worked with make the event something about them and something they really love," says Souza.

"You can do the same, whether it is the colors you choose, that special drink or a fabulous wedding cake. You can focus on one thing and make it memorable. That will have your guests talking about your wedding for months to come."

If you're on a tight budget in your wedding you can still have a beautiful and celebrity-like wedding. Use your imagination and be creative.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wedding Favor Tips

As a way of thanking your guests for their participation in your wedding day, you would buy favors. While favors are a wonderful way of including your guests, and showing your appreciation, the challenge comes into play regarding what kind of favors to buy. We have put some ideas together for you, to help you choose the best type of wedding favor based on your specific wedding.

Start by reminding yourself that favors do not have to be expensive to mean something. You could even make homemade favors such as cookies, candy, soap,candles, and so on, or purchase something small but meaningful for $2 each. While you should not skimp on favors, if you find yourself on a tight budget, do not feel bad in that you could create beautiful candles with a handwritten poem and it would be cherished.

Many times, a couple will choose keepsake items such as notepads, magnets, potpourri, personalized bookmarks, and so on. These types of favors are perfectly fine and are great choices but you still have many other choices from which to choose. Just remember that if you plan to give candles, soap, potpourri, or other favors that have fragrance, you would not want to place them at the table in that it could mingle with the food and create an unpleasant aroma. Instead, set up a table by the entrance of the reception hall where guests can pick their favors up when leaving.

Another wonderful option is to offer favors to guests that go along with the meal. For instance, you can never go wrong giving out Jordans almonds, which are unbelievably delicious. Another great choice is small boxes filled with fudge or some other type of chocolate such as chocolate-covered cherries. Since there are so many different types and shapes of boxes on the market, you can be as festive as you like.

You could also have chocolate candy bars made that could be shaped like a standard bar, roses, or other types of beautiful molds. These are then wrapped just as the bars you would find in a store but they have the couples name and the date of the wedding stamped on the cover. If you prefer something a little more romantic, you can always wrap the candy in plastic to keep it protected, and then wrap that in a piece of toile, wrapped with a coordinating ribbon.

The key is to show your guests that you put time and effort into choosing or making the favors so they know you did not simply pick something up at the store on your way to the reception. You want your guests to be impressed and feel special. In other words, you do not want your guests to feel as an after thought but a part of the entire planning process.

Bear in your mind that these wedding favors reflects your wedding and your personality. You can have cheap wedding favors but still they look classy and elegant.

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